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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Some one asked me recently what the word “lent” means. I know what it means now: 40 days before Easter, excluding Sundays. I know it is a time of personal reflection and intentional spiritual renewal. But what does the word “Lent” mean and where did it originate?
      Wikipedia and the gave the answer. Lent is derived from the Middle English word lente, which means lengthen. In its original use, it referred spring and increase of day light hours.
      The official Latin title for this Christian season is quadragesima, which means the “40 days” (or more literally the “40th day” before Easter). For the Anglo – Saxon folks, lent was easier to remember and say… so the name stuck.
      Even with the word’s common meaning of “lengthen” or “spring”, it is a fitting word for this time in our faith journey. Lent is to be a time of contemplation, self-reflection, looking inward and reaching outward. As we observe this practice, our relationship with Jesus the Christ has an opportunity to lengthen. We have the potential to spring forth with a renewed dedication and understanding of God’s love for us. We might even blossom or plant seeds that will bear great fruit. 
      Lent. A season of new beginnings.
      See you in Church, Pastor Mary