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Annandale United Methodist
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
To generously share God's love with everyone we meet

Pastor's Message

      A college friend recently posted a Facebook video of herself bungee jumping over the Colombia River Gorge. She smiles into the camera, says tentatively “Here I go.”, lifts her hands over her head and falls backward from the tower. I gasp and feel my stomach clench as I watch her cascade downward towards the river…which has rocks protruding and rushing waves! I say to her, though she can’t hear me of course, “Linda, you are nuts!” The video ends with her safely dangling upside down over the river, too far from the camera to catch if she is laughing, crying, screaming or gasping for air. Her written words in the post: What a blast! I did it twice!
      Geez! We’re too old for this! I responded to her post: you must be SCAVE! (scared and brave at the same time). The word scave is from Emma Donoghue’s book, Room. The little boy in her book makes up words that describe two things or feelings that happen at the same time. Scave being one of his words. 
      It’s a great word! Have you ever been scave? We need to be brave, to have courage, to be strong and confident but simultaneously our stomach cringes with fear or worry or doubt. We persevere in our strength, perhaps ignoring or hiding our anxiety. Scave. Scared and Brave at the same time. 
      As God’s people we are often called to step out in faith. In faith we do, trusting in God’s call and God’s promise to guide and be with us. Yet sometimes we are not sure we’re going the right direction or taking the right action. We are scave. But just as my college friend trusted the bungee cord to keep her safe, we can trust that God’s wrapped around us, keeping us protected. We can lift our arms upwards and leap into the unknown, aware of our “scaveness”, afraid, but confident in God’s promises. 
      See you in Church, Pastor Mary