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Annandale United Methodist
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
To generously share God's love with everyone we meet

Pastor's Message

      We are in the season of Advent. However, Christmas lights are brightening the dark evenings. Familiar Christmas songs, we haven’t heard in 12 months are constantly singing in our silence. Greetings from friends and family start to arrive in the mail box. It’s that time again.
      Advent is our time of waiting for the birth of our Savior. We have trouble waiting when the world around us lights, sings and greets us before Christ’s Birth Day arrives. Patience wanes. We want to open the presents before the angels and the shepherds arrive. We’re told to wait and watch, but we want to jump in the fray and experience the blessings before it is time. 
      The irony of Advent is that we wait for someone who has already arrived. Each year we herald His coming. We wait, expecting His arrival to be as it was 2000 plus years ago. We are confident in our anticipation that the story will be as it has always been. 
      Might this year be different? Perhaps this year we will hear an angel’s whisper differently. Perhaps we will see a different shepherd. Perhaps the three gifts given will mean something more profound. Perhaps This year will be a bit different. 
      The wonder of the Christmas Story is that it is the same, yet told anew each year with a freshness that is timeless.
      Joy to the World!
      See you in Church, Pastor Mary